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2 day Website Course

2 day Website Course

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This is a 2 day virtual course.

Come join us for a two-day online course where we'll explore creating websites! Each day, we'll focus on either Shopify or WIX. You'll get the hang of both platforms, but the fun part is choosing your favorite. Then, you'll use that platform to craft your very own one-page website. Simple and hands-on – it's all about making website building easy for you!


In our website design courses, we have 7 modules. Each module covering a different topic, in-depth.

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Web Design and Platforms
  2. Module 2: Designing Pages and Layouts
  3. Module 3: Navigation (Menus and Tabs)
  4. Module 4: Headers and Footers
  5. Module 5: Clean and Appealing Design
  6. Module 6: SEO Optimization
  7. Module 7: Website Speed


The class investment is $399 with a $99 non-refundable deposit.

Bring a friend for +$150

$199 non-refundable deposit


Class days are Monday-Wednesdays

If you would like to request specific days/times, please ask if they're available!


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